One day in 2019 FiveGirls was born

Four of the five girls had been working together in the restaurant and food service industry together for about five year and one was a friend. All of them dreamed of starting their own businesses, to break free of the long shifts on their feet and wage caps existing in the business. Most thought of opening a little coffee shop or small restaurant. All were experimenting with selling online from food to orange juice and secondhand clothes. And so the idea of a home-grown, local, casual, fun and ‘girly’ online shop and community was born to be made up of young woman just like them.

Then came hours of brainstorming! Should it be like this or should it be like that? The girls wanted to slowly build a strong brand amongst the mega competition. A brand that was essentially Thai. Prospering in Thailand but also thinking globally, and so FiveGirls was created not as a clothing brand but a lifestyle brand. There was also an overwhelming desire to help others so that all the items sold would represent good value and other things such as language courses, basic banking and legal knowledge courses may be presented in the future.

The five girls wanted to be the leaders and influencers of the future and so decided that they would never have customers but each and every customer would be a SuperGirl!   Initially it was thought to have a target age group of the girls themselves – 23 to 33 but this was expanded once it was realized that 15 year old’s wanted to be women and all 45 year old’s wanted to be girls! Of the five girls three of them have daughters so the girls have decided to extend the brand to encompass their daughters.

One day in 2029 FiveGirls will be recognized as a major international brand

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