FIVE5IRLS Humanitarian Objectives



FIVE5IRLSHumanitarian Objectives

FIVE5IRLSHumanitarian Objectives

Humanitarian Objectives

The Fivegirls are committed to helping others. As soon as we are able, we intend to help girls and young women in Thailand and South East Asia. We live here and we are from here and we see the problems facing women every day from education to healthcare and employment opportunities. We intend to shortly start a helpline to offer advice and in the meanwhile people can email for

As part of our humanitarian activities we support two active groups benefiting girls and women in the region.

From Nepal and the Himalayas

The Kung Fu Nuns

The Drukpa Kungfu Nuns are Live to Love’s most valued partners. The Kungfu Nuns help Live to Love conduct community outreach, provide basic medical services and most of all the Kungfu Nuns are role models of female empowerment in their community. In addition to taking on active roles within their community, the Kungfu Nuns are global messengers spreading the positive message that everyone can participate in tackling the world’s challenges.

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Lotus Outreach provide scholarships to girls who are at-risk or survivors of violence in order to keep them enrolled in school and attending through the third year of high school, and further if possible. These scholarships not only cover the indirect costs of education such as materials, uniforms, and transportation but also ensure the poorest families have enough rice to eat so the girls will not be taken out of school and put back to work.

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